Streaming Data Warehouse

A distributed, in-memory database accelerated by GPUs that can simultaneously ingest, analyze, and visualize streaming data for truly real-time actionable intelligence. It leverages the power of many core devices (such as GPUs) to deliver results orders of magnitude faster than traditional databases on a fraction of the hardware

Traditional Data Warehouse

A system for storing and reporting on batches of data. It is a passive analytical process because it does not take place in real time; rather, the data typically originates with multiple sources and then is moved to the data warehouse for long term storage and analysis.



Streaming Data Warehouse

A streaming data warehouse can ingest and store data in real-time as it is received. The key difference is that traditional data warehouses can perform analytics, but cannot run them in real-time and are limited in the type of analytics they can support. With a streaming data warehouse, businesses get up to the second results that incorporate all their data in a powerful, unified platform that can transform the data into immediate, useable insight. It uses streaming analysis to capture the latest information from all different types of data, and combines it with the power of deep learning and predictive analytics.

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